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VOOM e cigarette pod system, refillable pod with magnetic lock
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 "The future of vaping is here!"

One simple device and your choice of prefilled pods with satisfying nicotine salt or your favourite choice of Vape Juice.

VOOM E-cigarette

VOOM E cigarette

1. VOOM Pod

Insert a pod to vape, with magnetic lock

2. VOOM Pod Cap

Colors represent flavors, remove before use

3. Rechargeable VOOM Device

No set-up, easy to use

Delicately simply and slim design

320mAh long-lasting battery

Supports 3 days of average use

4. 3-color LED indicator

5. Seamless joint-material technology

6. USB Charging Dock

Recharge your device in an hour, easy magnetic lock                                                       

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