The electronic cigarettes history began long before that you can think and continues to be written… 

Herbert A. Gilbert

The first person known to develop an electronic smoking device was Herbert A. Gilbert. In 1963, he filed a patent for this type of product, being completely ahead of his time in more ways than one.

Unfortunately, one idea was not enough at that time. Cigarette was accepted in society and it could be used almost anywhere. There was no market for a healthier alternative and technology needed to move forward.

40 years later... 

Hon Lik

The Pharmacist and smoker Hon Lik started to develop electronic cigarettes, motivated by the death of his father from lung cancer.

Trying to transform a tragedy into something positive, he created this method that allows smokers to have nicotine by inhalation, without smoke, tobacco and thousands of chemical agents that are part of the production of cigarettes.

Hon Lik patented the first electronic cigarette based on nicotine in 2003. The following year, He was the first person to manufacture and sell that product, for the first time in the Chinese market and then internationally.


Although initially, It was unknown, more and more people begin to learn and enjoy the benefits of vaping. Despite deceptive comparisons with traditional cigarettes and strict FDA bans on manufacturers, the vaporizer industry is alive and well. The vaping community continues to develop new and innovative ways to improve and optimize the vaping experience. Regional events and competitions are held around the world to celebrate this flourishing industry.